Nothing guarantees success better than a proven Team with perfective, indeed ever-improving best practices and implementation successes, in a word,”CASTEGRA

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Castegra is an information technology and management consulting firm that provides focused management, integration, implementation, IV&V and support services for enterprise resource application environments. Castegra directly assists clients with enterprise systems integration and implementation initiatives through expertise derived from many years of managing, implementing, troubleshooting and supporting large and complex Federal Government programs. From developing client strategies, through implementation and support, we bring the right combination of resources, management skillsets and business/technical know-how. We help clients successfully integrate enterprise systems into their overall business and technology infrastructure and we facilitate related organizational changes resulting in improved organizational effectiveness, user-community buy-in, and increased business value.          

Castegra, grounded in the principles of quality, integrity and value, is solely dedicated to the success of our clients; success achieved through active, i.e., “hands-on” leadership and a collaborative integrity based methodology. Minimally, our methods and proven best practices help identify and minimize project risks, accelerate implementation progress and directly influence quality, on-time, in-budget delivery; resulting in satisfied clients able to concentrate on their core businesses and the ultimate satisfaction of their users, customers or client base. To that end, our success is only realized when our clients are satisfied and when we have met and exceeded their expectations.

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